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Screenplays/Plays Wanted:

LJP Productions is now accepting completed, strong, character or concept driven feature length screenplays and plays.

Script must be original and not be attached to an option.  

Please send printed submissions to:

LJP Productions

Attention: Louis J Pecsi

285 Somerset Road

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Digital submissions accepted at:



Thank you.

LJP Publishing

Original Graphic Horror Novel Breaks Ground in Art and Story-telling

Nosferatu the Untold Origin

LJP Publishing releases the first in a series of graphic novels re-telling a classic theme for a modern audience.

In the year 1922, Nosferatu graced the silver screen with his shadowy specter. He was a creature of total mystery and no known origin until now…

15th century Europe, Holy Roman emperor Sigismund orders a last crusade against anyone caught worshipping false gods or practicing witchcraft. “For the belief in many gods is an insult to the true God of Rome and must be punished by death through burning!” said Sigismund as he signed the doctrine, which led to the bloodiest crusade in Europe.

In the small village of Orlok located in central Transylvania, Elsa a witch is caught practicing witchcraft by Count Orlok. Orlok obeying Roman law, summons villagers to watch the burning of the witch. As Elsa is tied to a post, she cast a spell on Orlok by whispering the word “Nosferatu,” into his ear. 

 [Deptford, NJ] -- [August 2010] Author and artist, Louis J Pecsi, has released the first in a series of graphic horror novels titled “Nosferatu the Untold Origin”, through his publishing company LJP Publishing.

When interviewed about the idea for this graphic novel, Mr. Pecsi had this to say about the project:;

“In 1922, German Film Director F.W. Murnau terrified movie audiences with the fright film masterpiece Nosferatu. Through out the years Nosferatu has obtained pop culture status and remains a critically acclaimed film today. It was my interest in this film and its lead character, Count Orlok, that started me on my journey to create my graphic novel, “Nosferatu the Untold Origin.” The completed story is 133 pages in length with over 300 mixed media paintings.”      

Mr. Pecsi plans to develop this story into a trilogy which will be released through his independent publishing company LJP Publishing.

Nosferatu the Untold Origin”, will be available through distribution with Ingram Book Group. A copy of the book can be purchased at NoferatuOrigins.com, along with other related items, art work, and any additional information about the author and his future projects.

About Author

 Louis J Pecsi has been a professional artist, writer and filmmaker for the last 15 years. His artwork has been utilized in independent films of the horror genre and sold to collectors.

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